Tuesday, 9 June 2009

St Johns Identity

Identity for St Johns church which building and space were converted into a fine-dining restaurant.

Book covers

Make Shakespeare's plays more attractive to new generation.

Museum navigation.

War museum signage system.

Life of an object

I chose a saucepan to make a poster Life if an object, it's round the clock eternity.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Summer Project

Last year before studies I we were asked to design, produce and send 3 postcards from our summer holiday location.

I couldn't pick up three, I made everything. Here are some of them.

It's quite obvious. Columns and a flag.

I tried to emulate pure water on my computer.

95% of greek people are heavy smokers. They smoke everywere.

That's my favorite. One man called it 'good and evil'

I took my photo of a column here, I don't know if it's became any better though.

That is a real photo of distant island. Somewere in the sea.

Serpentine roads of Greece will make you sick.

Friday, 18 April 2008

brief: packaging and direct mail

Here I had to make energy saving light bulb packaging and direct mail idea.
I started with quite simple and I hope an elegant idea.

Then I was asked to make something more interesting and sophisticated. OK.

This is an example of direct mail letter which supposed to be delivered to young professional's offices. They put on these yellow glasses and see their office in warm light which softone light bulb produces.

I don't know why I made such a dull shape of the glasses, I had no time to think. I'd rather made them in the shape of sun/sunflower. Maybe I remake them later.

brief: fanzine

If you want to take a closer look at my fanzine you can download it here(.pdf, 19 Mb)

There was a brief 'Make a fanzine, A2 in size devoted to one theme, 20 pages'. I had no idea what that fanzine is. If you don't hear about it either, ask wiki.
In short: there are some freaks, great fans of something. Then one of them decided to make a magazine about things he likes. He makes that magazine and give it for free to other freaks or change it for other freak's magazine. Sounds stupid, but I had to do that magazine after all.

Firstly, when I tried to pick up a theme and saw the theme 'collections' I thought 'wtf, It's the most stupid activity ever. Everybody leaves thier stamps and piggies collection in 13'. Then I realized that it could be interesting: to convert my oblection into something positive. So I desided to make fun of collectors and collections and show some fake collections.

It took me 4 hours to make out all these collections and draw thumbnails and it took me 4 weeks total to make that fanzine.

01. Cover
It's a pity, but almost nobody understood the idea. That black hole is for coin slot in a piggy bank. Together with a title "The Collector" (I was seeking that font for an our) it makes a silhouette of a cross that symbolize the obssession of collectors, thier religiosity. Also you can see splash 'old!' in the bottom-right corner.

02. Contents
I didn't make it upside-down intentionally. That was a printer`s mistake. Contents consist of typefaces that I like, I just tried to redraw them. Innitially I thought that i can draw it from my imagination but I failed:)
03. Ultimate Music Collection
Advertising. That is reality of our city. We have two radio stations whitch belong to one owner: Radio Classic and Radio Jazz. Surprisingly enough there are neither jazz no classic music on these channels. Of course, they have some pop-jazz or vanessa may stuff:) This is my first fake collection about. They don't have any jazz and classic music and that makes that collection ultimate. Well, I`m not sure if I explaned everything clear... nevermind.

04. Criminal's bathroom tiles.
Read the underlines. I remade that page three time and still not happy with it.
05. Collections of two
The main idea of this fanzine (it's on the top of every page) 'Collections are never innocent'. Now you can see why.

06. Only Footprins were left
07. Fingerprints. Who knows.

07. Colection of screaming voices
08. Collection of notes of murdered composers

10-11. X-Ray photos of animals killed by X-ray

12. Collection of the most beautiful eyes (cutted out from portraint)
13. Collection of icicles (melted due to safety reasons)

14. Dangerous scents
15. Collection of shrederred death penalties

16-17. Fly's trajectories collection

18. Smashed guitars collection
19. Collection of paws obtained with a trap

20. Collection of inflatable dolls